Thursday, June 6, 2013

My latest hat?!

I thought I was going to do my fishing hat over, well I guess I have a hard time sticking to one pattern. Even that got massively altered. 
Next one I did was a baby sun hat and everyone loved it so much, think I'm going to try to do it over. And write it down! 
Steve is still wanting a fishing hat, he really liked the one I already did but the poor guy has a little head and it looked funny on him after I washed and blocked it. But when my friend, Candace put it on She looked so darn cute in it, I gave it to her, she loved it and I didn't even know her birthday was only a couple days away!!!
Well, anyway here is a picture of the baby hat that I am going to do over cause some friends want one! 


Next one I plan on taking the Fpdc all the way down cause I'm not real happy with it looking all uneven! 
Thanks you for taking time to look! Feel free to comment! Really enjoy getting feedback!