Friday, May 10, 2013

Crocheted fishing hat

Finally finished Steve's fishing hat!
Hopefully I'll be able to post more details later. Made with 1 strand of cotton string and 1 strand of hemp string held together. 
It started out really stiff but softened after wash. I added eyelets for extra ventilation!  
Thinking of adding a drawstring kind of thing to keep him from losing it, Idk.
This is my creation any comments or suggestions are welcome!

This is Steve, before final touches!

Fisher Man's Hat

 This is a little different than picture but same concept! Cotton/hemp got softer when washed, and nylon seems a bit too shiny for your average redneck! Still searching for material I want for Steve's hat! Decided to share this here but anymore hats and hat patterns will be at

If you look for a sz on nylon #18 would work, hope someone gets use from this!!!


Omega nylon size 18 2 rolls (very little used from second roll)

16 WPI, 197 yards (not sure yet, but could sub coats nylon)


Artificial suede (approx. 1/8 in.) note: I plan on using real suede 1/8in. on the remake,

and it seems to be a bit thicker feeling than the artificial.

Wal-Mart and many places have the 4 color pkg. around jewelry making supplies.

I'm using that for the band.


Hooks F/3.75mm, E/3.50mm, and G/4.25mm for trim


Gauge: at the end of round 4 should be approx. 4 inches across


Size Approx. 21 1/4 inches around


This is the first pattern I've ever written so please feel free to read through and check for

errors, misspellings, grammar, etc. and please let me know so that I may be able to correct them!

Thank You for taking time, effort and patience with me!



Ch. 4


1) Work 11 Dc in 4th Ch. from not join, place marker in last Dc and

mark last stitch of each round.(12 Dc)


2) 2 Dc in 1st ch of ch4, 2 Dc in next 11 Dc. (24 Dc)


3) *2 Dc in next Dc, 1 Dc in next Dc.* around (36 Dc)


4) *2 Dc in next Dc, 1 Dc in the next 2 Dc.* around (48 Dc)


5) *2 Dc in next Dc, 1 Dc in the next 3 Dc.* around (60 Dc)


6) *2 Dc in next Dc, 1 Dc in the next 4 Dc.* around (72 Dc)


7) *2 Dc in next Dc, 1 Dc in the next 5 Dc.* around (84 Dc)


Crown should measure approx. 6 3/4 inches


Hat Body:

Continue marking last stitch of each round


8) Hdc Blo in each Dc around (84 Hdc)


Rounds 9 - 20 Hdc in each Hdc around (84 Hdc)


Change to E/3.50mm hook


Continue marking last stitch of each round




21) Hdc in flo in each Hdc around. (84 Hdc)


22) *2 Hdc in next Hdc, 1 Hdc in next 6 Hdc* around. (96 Hdc)


23) *2 Hdc in next Hdc, 1 Hdc in next 7 Hdc* around. (108Hdc)


24) *2 Hdc in next Hdc, 1 Hdc in next 8 Hdc* around. (120Hdc)


25) *2 Hdc in next Hdc, 1 Hdc in next 9 Hdc* around. (132Hdc)


26) *2 Hdc in next Hdc, 1 Hdc in next 10 Hdc* around. (144Hdc)


27) *2 Sc in next Hdc, 1 Sc in next 11 Hdc* around. (156 sc)


28) *2 Sc in next Sc, 1 Sc in next 12 Sc* around join. Fasten off (168 sc)




Change to G/4.25


Join suede lacing with slip stitch in any stitch you prefer, slip stitch in Flo around. Fasten off. Weave in ends.


Hat Band:


Using large eye blunt needle weave leather lacing around last 3 or 4 rounds of Hat body.


This helps stiffen it up some.


Weave in ends. Wash cool water, shape and dry.


Nylon can be washed in a washing machine or dry cleaned, but keep in mind if using real leather it should not get wet.