Monday, February 4, 2013

It's been gloomy!

It's been unusually busy for me these past few weeks. I did manage to get a few things done I wanted to.
I wanted to share my first ever hairpin lace project, it's quite simple and Jessie likes it even though I made a few mistakes(it was my first)

I also finally finished a penguin hat for my son's friend (modeled by Jessie)

And a simple little beanie for my Great Niece! I got to keep Enly for a whole week, so much energy!!!


And this past weekend, SusieQ said "Mommy, I'm tired of being cold, make me something!" SusieQ got a new mobius cowl from hand spun wool!!!

Still need to finish a few more projects before I can begin my vintage hat patterns. I am also working on turning my basement into a craft room and that is not going very quick at all!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful year!!! Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, and such! I'd love to get some kind of feedback!